Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment
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Working together to make our communities better and stronger.

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Community Involvement

PRIMED is a diverse company with over 1,000 employees spread across our international offices and manufacturing facilities.
Every day we strive to make life better for our employees. Our people are united by our culture and core values, enjoy good working conditions, and are kept safe, healthy, and engaged.

Together we’re working to make our communities better and stronger.
In addition to our amazing corporate culture, we also offer our employees paid leave for community service through our Days of Giving program. Days of Giving is a community outreach program empowering PRIMED employees to utilize their unique talents and help nonprofit organizations in need. Through acts of giving and involvement, we’re paying it forward by improving the communities we call home. Some of the charitable organizations and events supported by PRIMED and its employees include: Edmonton Food Bank, Free Footie, Earth Group, Habitat for Humanity, Stollery Children’s Hospital, Win4Skin, Santa’s Anonymous, Canadian Blood Services, and the Red Cross.

PRIMED's Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

As a global quality leader with 25 years of experience in medical PPE, we take corporate social responsibility extremely seriously. We are committed to conducting business in a socially responsible manner. In conjunction with our ISO 13485 quality program, we make product sourcing choices very carefully, with quality at the forefront, making every effort to select reputable, reliable, and responsible suppliers. As part of this system, PRIMED follows strict procedures to qualify, approve, and regularly audit the vendors that contract manufacture for us.

We are constantly evolving our requirements and are further enhancing processes around corporate social responsibility. We continue to put quality first in terms of both products and business practices. This includes ensuring all manufacturing sites have policies in place against forced labour and child labour and to ensure benefits and fair wages that meet local government standards. Our mission is to keep people safe by protecting them from harmful substances and infectious disease. While our products safeguard the health of our users, we also believe in the importance of upholding business practices that protect people involved throughout our supply chain.

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