Wound Care

PRIMED's wound care products are designed for optimal adhesion, breathability, and comfort. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, our self-adherent wrap can be used to protect dressings or offer moderate compression while our skin closure strips close and support minor cuts and wounds.

Wound Care
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Lightweight and breathable for enhanced comfort

Lightweight and breathable for enhanced comfort

PRIMED self-adherent wrap helps protect primary dressings and also works in providing support, protection, and moderate compression to sprains and strains. Made of high quality, elasticized materials, PRIMED self-adherent wrap has controlled stretch to retain its strength and elasticity while remaining in place without readjustment. Our self-adherent wrap is specially designed to adhere to itself, eliminating the need for pins, clips, and tape. Available in an assortment of colours, width, and lengths, PRIMED has a solution for your needs.

Flexible wound care solutions

Used to aid in the healing of small cuts and wounds, PRIMED skin closure strips are designed with optimal adhesion, breathability, and stretch suitable for most medical applications. In some cases, our skin closure strips have been known to improve the cosmetic results during wound healing versus the use of staples or sutures. PRIMED skin closure strips come in a variety of sizes and are all sterile, hypoallergenic, and latex-free.

Flexible wound care solutions
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