Facial Protection

PRIMED's facial protection products are available in various styles and features, all of which provide a comfortable fit. From ear loops to surgical ties, duckbills to visors, our masks exceed ASTM standards for Level 1, 2, and 3 barrier protection. Pair our masks with our face shields or eyewear for full facial coverage.

Facial Protection
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Leading the way in exceeding industry standards

Leading the way in exceeding industry standards

PRIMED offers the most comprehensive facial protection product line, designed to balance clinician comfort and protection against splashes and potential pathogens. Our extensive manufacturing knowledge allows us to develop and perfect our product designs to cater to clincian needs. We use only the highest quality materials, sourced from reputable suppliers, to ensure our facial protection products meet the most stringent requirements. Our fully ASTM rated face mask program offers a range of protection levels available in a variety of styles and features. Whether you need an anti-fog option to reduce the fogging of eyewear or a duckbill option for a comfortable, more breathable feel, PRIMED has a mask to suit your clinical needs.

Variety to suit every clinical situation

PRIMED's full facial protection offering also includes face shields and eyewear to keep clinicians protected in situations with a risk of fluid exposure. These products aid in protecting vulnerable mucous membranes from exposure to harmful fluids and particles. Our top-down fluid protection designs with anti-fog properties means a clear line of sight during medical procedures. Pair any of our face shields or eyewear with a PRIMED mask for enhanced protection in any clincial setting.

Variety to suit every clinical situation
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Partnering with PRIMED allows access to our trusted and known, clinically preferred products while showcasing your company with comprehensive brand enhancement. We offer a full suite of services from packaging design to foundational market knowledge, and our North American team is experienced and passionate to drive your success.

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