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A private label program extends your brand and differentiates your company.

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Here’s what working with PRIMED looks like

Manufacturing Since 2005

Wholly owned international manufacturing facilities means we offer direct supply chain solutions.

Market & Competitive Expertise

Identify trends and track competition with our dedicated team of market analysts.

In-house Brand Consultation & Enhancement

Build educational and sales initiatives collateral with our
in-house graphic designers and brand specialists.

Clinically Preferred Products

Access our wide product depth that has been fine-tuned over years of clinical feedback.

Experienced & Passionate Team

Develop and execute campaigns to grow your market share with our sales & marketing resources.

A track record of success

Our manufacturing meets international standards.
360 million
medical gowns per year
100+ different styles
1 billion
medical masks per year
70 unique styles
2 billion
medical gloves per year
50+ glove types available
Manufacturing Plant Employee Packaging Gowns into boxes

Extend your brand and differentiate your company

PRIMED is one of the largest manufacturers of ASTM rated face masks and AAMI rated isolation gowns globally. But did you know we provide more than just a wide range of high quality products? We also offer a full suite of services dedicated to building your brand's success and are committed to creating a seamless customer experience. PRIMED works with you to expand your presence in a chosen market and segment by sharing foundational market knowledge, offering comprehensive brand enhancements, and maintaining a reliable supply chain.

Let us help drive your success

By partnering with PRIMED, we assure you your brand is in good hands. Our team has decades of experience navigating the world of personal protective equipment manufacturing. With wholly owned manufacturing facilities, we have the expertise to allow for flexible product designs. Our extensive quality management system means we use only the best suppliers to create premium products. For first-class clinical sales support, the PRIMED team has the market and competitive intelligence to help you grow your market share. Watch your branded product come to life with the support of our in-house graphic designers and brand specialists. At PRIMED, customer satisfaction comes standard.

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PRIMED manufactures around the world map
PRIMED's international reach

Globally diversified manufacturing facilities

5 wholly owned ISO13485 certified factories

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