our story

Part of the unique appeal of PRIMED lies in our company's history

From humble beginnings and one employee, over 25 years ago.

our mission & Core Values

Protecting People

Our mission is to protect people from harmful substances and infectious disease.


Promoting a culture of teamwork to achieve extraordinary performance.


Creating the conditions where contributions, including different opinions and suggestions, are truly valued.


Embracing beliefs, behaviours, and practices to allow adapting quickly to changes in the environment and responding flexibly to customer and market demands.


Encouraging boldness to challenge the status quo without fear of repercussions as we drive to continuously improve performance.


Promoting an environment of trustworthiness that focuses on beliefs, behaviours, and practices related to psychological safety, open communication, showing competence, and following through on commitments.


Providing an environment for our people to create and act on unique ideas that improve our performance and raise the bar.

PRIMED Mosiac Centre

Our History

Part of the unique appeal of PRIMED lies in our company's history - one that's been written by entrepreneurial mavericks, brilliant employees, and fearless leaders.

Since PRIMED's inception in 1995, we have remained a 100% privately held Canadian company, governed by a board of directors with a focused commitment to customer satisfaction - reaching healthcare professionals worldwide.

From humble beginnings and one employee, PRIMED has established itself as a world class organization, and is continually positioning itself as a global leader in personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturing.

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PRIMED is truly different than most medical product companies. We deeply value relationships, whether it be our coworkers, vendors, suppliers, clinicians or clients.

Our culture is fun, collaborative and supportive. We are very proud and protective of our culture and it is one of the reasons our customers choose us.

PRIMED Team Building Group Photo
PRIMED team Building at Pets in the Park

We are PRIMED Medical Products

Our company name isn't as straightforward as you'd think. Often times PRIMED is pronounced as a single syllable, "primed" as in 'primed and ready to go', when it's actually two syllables and pronounced "pry med".

In 2019, PRIMED went through a rebranding. Along with our new logo and the butterfly icon, came an updated version of our written company name. Formerly "priMED", the new brand style "PRIMED" is in all capitals.

Why the butterfly for an icon? Butterflies symbolize joy, positivity, and evolution. From a slow crawling caterpillar, transcending to a chrysalis, and finally emerging a beautiful butterfly, capable of taking flight across seas and continents. They teach us not to fear change, but instead, to actively seek it. Adaptation and evolution are what make us great and we embrace the next phase of our existence.

Every single moment is an opportunity to evolve.

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