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Why PRIMED is a respected quality leader in PPE

Why PRIMED is a respected quality leader in PPE

Respected quality leader

Healthcare workers, the patients they treat, and even the general public turn to PPE to protect themselves in a variety of environments. On a typical day, someone might change masks, gowns, gloves, and other common PPE items multiple times an hour as they move from case to case or between care environments.

This means that any PPE failure or compromise can drastically increase infection or contamination risks for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Compromising cost for reliability is never an acceptable risk in today’s fast-paced medical facilities. Workers must be able to depend on their PPE to focus on what they do best — addressing the health needs of an ever-changing world.

It’s all about control

Optimizing PPE quality and ensuring a comparable experience and reliable performance requires an in-depth understanding of each of the manufacturing and supply processes’ steps and stages. Unlike some manufacturers, PRIMED owns its mask and gown supply and manufacturing chains. This allows us to control quality, ensure internal standards are met at all times, and monitor processes from the creation of individual textiles or components to the moment they arrive at your facility.

This level of control, accountability, and attention to detail helped establish PRIMED as a leading healthcare supplier throughout Canada. Our ability to control each step of the process and leverage our extensive network and years of experience also makes us a leading private or white label provider for facilities and suppliers. We can help take the hassle out of managing a high quality in-house brand or assist you in growing your private label operations.

Simple, diversified, and dependable

PRIMED’s manufacturing network spans 20 countries providing accessible, high quality, affordable PPE and materials with little risk of large-scale disruption. Our varied network also means we’re in optimal locations to serve in-demand areas across the globe.

Our ability to leverage or provide access to manufacturing services across a broad spectrum of products without the hassle of middlemen or brokers drastically simplifies the sourcing or customization of PPE products compared to dealing with “traditional” brokers and providers.

Whether you’re ordering our high quality brands or using our facilities to create private label products, our network and protocols establish a level of dependability your business can count on. We accomplish this while also reducing the pain points typical to the sourcing, ordering, and supplying processes. All of this is possible while maintaining the highest quality control and accountability levels at every step in the manufacturing process.

Materials matter

PRIMED doesn’t simply own the facilities responsible for final assembly. We also own the materials creation and processing facilities within the chain of manufacturing as well. This means we’re always aware of what is — or isn’t — in every PPE batch we create.

PPE often comes in contact with highly sensitive areas like faces and hands. As such, we ensure that all materials used are safe for human interaction. We also provide alternative designs or lines of products — such as accelerator-free gloves — to account for common allergies or interactions healthcare providers might encounter.

The PRIMED promise

You will never find questionable substances or materials — such as nanoform graphene — used in our manufacturing processes or PPE. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials and extensive quality control. This ensures that our gloves, masks, and gowns, and other PPE items all meet the strictest ratings requirements while providing a range of performance levels and price points to fit sourcing budgets of all sizes.

Quality assurance through global certifications

It’s not just our final products that meet strict ratings requirements. Our facilities undergo frequent inspections and audits to ensure proper operation and maintain the highest quality levels. Our ISO 13485:2016(MDSAP) and 21 CFR Part 820GMP compliant Quality Management Systems allows us to maintain complete control over all aspects of product design, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, regulatory compliance, and delivery.

As ISO-certified facilities, you can always count on an outstanding quality and dependability level backed by common standards within the industry. We also regularly participate in independent international audits to ensure our products are certified or registered for use in a range of countries. Common registrations include:

Regardless of your location, we can provide high quality PPE solutions that won’t just satisfy the needs of your team and patients but will meet or exceed local regulatory requirements while providing a consistent level of protection.

Key takeaways

  • Ensuring quality requires attention to detail at every level of the manufacturing process. Excellent designs or assembly mean nothing without quality materials and vice versa.
  • PRIMED’s ability to control and monitor both the materials creation and the final manufacturing of PPE items such as masks, gowns, and shoe coverings gives us     unique control over our products’ quality and consistency.
  • With a diverse range of manufacturing facilities and supply hubs spanning 20 countries globally, our network provides a level of scalability and dependability you simply cannot find with “traditional” manufacturers. There are no middlemen and no brokers.
  • Materials matter too. We never compromise material quality and will never use unproven or questionable materials in our manufacturing processes.
  • A strict quality assurance program is central in PRIMED’s operations. ISO-certified facilities and registration in major markets worldwide ensure that we’re meeting the exacting standards of the world’s biggest PPE markets and providing a level of quality that healthcare facilities and suppliers can depend on time and time again.

Whether you’re looking for a supplier who can provide a high quality range of PPE at scale or looking for private label services to start your own brand, PRIMED’s position as a respected quality leader in PPE makes us a top choice for businesses big and small across Canada. As a leading supplier of single-use masks, examination gloves, and other high quality PPE, PRIMED is proud of our commitment to quality and serving the frontlines of today’s modern healthcare workforce. Contact us today to discuss how we can help meet your needs.

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