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Acute Care

PRIMED's high quality medical products are used in most hospitals across Canada and healthcare facilities throughout the rest of the world. Medical professionals frequently name our products as a top choice for comfort, durability, and protection.

Acute Care
Our Promise

Assurance comes standard

When you’re wearing or using PRIMED branded medical products, you can be certain both you and your patients’ needs are designed at their very core. Whether it’s the fit and feel of our gloves, or the comfort and breathability of our masks, your safety and experience are what matters most to us.
Your safety and experience are what drives us

Your safety and experience are what drives us

As one of Canada's leading healthcare suppliers, PRIMED's high quality medical products are used in virtually every hospital across Canada and in healthcare facilities throughout the United States, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Part of what makes PRIMED stand apart from our competitors is our belief that clinicians deserve absolute peace of mind with the medical products they use. If you're worried about protection, frustrated by functionality or uncomfortable with the fit of a product, you're inhibited from doing your best work. This is why we collaborate with medical staff, constantly using their feedback to re-engineer and evolve our products. When you're using PRIMED products, rest assured both you and your patients' needs are at the core of our designs.

Millions of clinical users, worldwide, every day

Every PRIMED product is crafted around the feedback we receive by the medical professionals who use them. Paired with our passion to grow and continually set new industry standards, our products are engineered with customer satisfaction in mind. From choosing raw materials that exceed stringent testing requirements to innovative, easy to use product designs, PRIMED strives to create products that work for you. This means clinicians no longer have to choose between comfort or functionality; every one of our products is engineered to provide protection, functionality, and comfort and that is why millions of clinicians choose PRIMED products every day.

Millions of clinical users, worldwide, every day


Private Label Partnerships

Extend your brand and differentiate your company

Partnering with PRIMED allows access to our trusted and known, clinically preferred products while showcasing your company with comprehensive brand enhancement. We offer a full suite of services from packaging design to foundational market knowledge, and our North American team is experienced and passionate to drive your success.

Your brand is our business.

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