Protecting the medical industry across the globe

PRIMED is a dynamic, global manufacturer of high quality medical products supported by industry-leading knowledge and experience.

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Guaranteed protection.
Premium quality.

As a leading Canadian medical product provider to hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities, PRIMED also offers branded, co-branded and private label products and services to our customers and global partners.
Private Label Partnerships

Extend your brand and differentiate your company

Partnering with PRIMED allows access to our trusted and known, clinically preferred products while showcasing your company with comprehensive brand enhancement. We offer a full suite of services from packaging design to foundational market knowledge, and our North American team is experienced and passionate to drive your success.

Your brand is our business.

Manufacturing Plant Employee Packaging Gowns into boxes

Our products are designed for the highest levels of protection and comfort

As it is with many medical products, clinicians must choose between comfort and functionality, but we believe clinicians should have it all. This is why all of our products come with protection, functionality, and comfort engineered right in.
Surgeons in full PPE performing surgery

No detail is too small

Every PRIMED medical product is designed with purpose and informed by the medical professionals who use them. Guided by our commitment to quality, each product passes multiple inputs and inspections - ensuring it meets our high quality standards.

Clinical expertise

One unique aspect of PRIMED is our track record for improving industry’s protection standards. Our dedicated product development teams continually push the product innovation envelope, and along with it, industry’s expectations of safety and reliability.

Nurse and Surgeon in Hospital Hallway

No matter what work you do, you should be safe and comfortable

As a result of the past few years, the use of facial protection has become common outside of hospitals and clinics. PPE is now a well-known term among the general public. Our masks are used in food, industrial, and retail industries and our gloves and self-adherent wraps are used in tattoo shops and vet clinics. It's safe to say that our products are for everyone, not just doctors and clinicians.

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