Instructions For Use

Skin Closure Strips

Skin Closure Strips


PRIMED skin closure strips are made of comfortable, breathable materials and medical grade adhesive. They are durable, sterile and latex-free.


To be used as a skin closure mechanism or wound support as direction by a healthcare practitioner.


•PRIMED skin closure strips are contraindicated for use where adhesion cannot be properly achieved (e.g. moisture, hair or oils).

•Do not use on infected wounds or high tension wounds which cannot be brought together with forcepts or fingers.

•Do not use over large areas of the body or near

the eyes.

•Do not use over wounds that cannot be cleaned out.


•Since the product is supplied sterile, do not use if package is opened or damaged.

•The skin should be clean and dry prior to application.

•Skin closure strips must be applied without tension.

•Do not stretch the strips to apply.

•If the wound bleeds after the skin closure strips have been applied, another method of wound closure may be required.

•If the wound site becomes infected, consult your physician.

•As with other adhesive products, a small population may experience skin discolouration after removal.

•Change the strip at least once every seven days or as required to ensure good adhestion to both sides of the wound site.

•Removing the strips too quickly or incorrectly can increase the risk of reopening the wound.

•During removal, pull one end of the strip towards the centre. Then repeat for the other side. This will help avoid pulling on the wound site.

•Follow your healthcare facility's policies and practices during application, monitoring and removal



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