June 5, 2024

Economic Reconciliation Opportunity: A Pathway for Corporate Support

Economic Reconciliation Opportunity: A Pathway for Corporate Support

The partnership between Medical Surgical & Safety Supplies Ltd. (MSS) and PRIMED Medical Products represents a significant move towards economic reconciliation in Canada. This collaboration, through a personal protective equipment (PPE) program, provides a practical avenue for businesses to participate in reconciliation efforts as encouraged by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Call to Action #92.

TRC’s Call to Action #92 calls on the corporate sector to commit to long-term economic reconciliation. This involves building relationships with Indigenous communities, adopting new business practices, and promoting Indigenous economies in Canada.

The Partnership: MSS and PRIMED

MSS Ltd. is the largest Indigenous-owned medical device and drug wholesaler in Canada. Based in the Northwest Territories, MSS aims to integrate into the Federal supply chain, offering competitive pricing and quality products. Over the past 30 years, MSS has developed a comprehensive distribution network across several provinces and territories.

In collaboration with PRIMED Medical Products, MSS has launched a co-branded glove and mask program. This initiative targets reconciliation projects across hospital networks and corporate Canada, aiming to foster economic reconciliation through shared efforts.

The partnership’s mutual goal is to take tangible action towards reconciliation across Canada. PRIMED contributes manufacturing and sourcing capabilities, national reach, and market knowledge. MSS offers access to Indigenous-owned businesses, deep connections with First Nations communities, and a robust distribution network.

“Together with PRIMED, we’re writing a new story about reconciliation in Canada.” - James Hiebert, President of MSS Ltd.

Social Mission

The partnership aims to advance economic reconciliation and improve health outcomes for Indigenous Peoples by building an Indigenous Social Benefit Procurement Framework. MSS is committed to sharing 51% of net proceeds with local Indigenous communities, such as the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. This includes providing scholarships for Indigenous youth in science, health, and pre-med programs, developing sustainable business opportunities with First Nations communities, and ensuring safe, accessible healthcare through local Indigenous Health Care Centres.

ESG Benefits

MSS’s AIVSCA Framework provides several ESG benefits, creating an inclusive healthcare environment where Indigenous businesses are integral components of the supply chain. This framework focuses on environmental sustainability, social responsibility, robust governance, and respect for Indigenous rights.

Driving Results: Collaboration Fostered by Niagara Health Lays Groundwork for Unique Economic Reconciliation Initiative

Niagara Health (NH) has pioneered an initiative towards economic reconciliation through its partnership with Mohawk Medbuy Corporation (MMC), Medical, Surgical & Safety Supplies Limited (MSS), and PRIMED Medical Products. This collaboration introduced the world’s first Indigenous-supplied, co-branded nitrile medical gloves, setting a precedent for future healthcare procurement.

Mohawk Medbuy, a non-profit shared services organization, partnered with MSS, an Indigenous-owned medical supplier, and PRIMED, a leading manufacturer of medical products, to build an Indigenous value-based supply chain. NH played a crucial role by introducing MSS to MMC, fostering a collaborative relationship focused on reconciliation.

MSS has begun fulfilling its commitment to sharing procurement benefits with Indigenous communities. Niagara Health has committed a significant volume of its nitrile glove requirements to MSS, benefiting the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation through MSS’s Giveback Program. This partnership showcases the power of collaboration in fostering social and economic benefits for Indigenous Peoples.

“PRIMED is committed to growing the influence of Indigenous businesses across the healthcare supply chains of Canada.” - David Welsh, PRIMED CEO and President

Impact and Future Prospects

This initiative not only supports Indigenous economic development but also sets a framework for incorporating social values into procurement processes. Future plans include integrating Indigenous, environmental, and social criteria into procurement for new hospital equipment, especially for NH’s upcoming South Niagara Site.

The collaboration between NH, MMC, MSS, and PRIMED exemplifies how partnerships can drive economic reconciliation and support Indigenous communities. This initiative is a model for integrating Indigenous businesses into mainstream supply chains, fostering sustainable and inclusive growth.

The partnership between MSS and PRIMED exemplifies how corporate support can drive economic reconciliation and improve health outcomes for Indigenous Peoples. By engaging in such initiatives, companies can contribute to meaningful change while reaping significant business benefits.


Are you unsure how your company can begin its journey toward economic reconciliation? Join our insightful webinar on June 13, 2024 to learn how MSS and PRIMED have partnered to create an accessible point for companies to engage in economic reconciliation, aligning with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Call to Action #92. The session aims to inform and engage participants on the importance of economic reconciliation and demonstrate how our Indigenous program and products offer a significant opportunity.

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