June 7, 2023
Jun 1, 2023

Meet PRIMED's Indigenous Reconciliation Partnership Coordinator

Meet PRIMED's Indigenous Reconciliation Partnership Coordinator

Meet Daniel Halbauer, PRIMED's Indigenous Reconciliation Partnership Coordinator.

Daniel is a dedicated advocate for his ancestral ties to the Métis Nation of Alberta and Cree heritage. He is committed to preserving and promoting the cultural legacy of his community.

In his role, Daniel facilitates economic growth, cultural understanding, and collaboration between Indigenous communities and the corporate sector in Canada, ensuring a sustainable future. His work fosters meaningful partnerships, amplifies indigenous voices, and integrates indigenous perspectives and values into PRIMED's operations and decision-making process.

“To represent my community while holding a meaningful role that creates a greater impact across Canada has been an honour and instrumental in my personal growth as a Métis individual,” says Halbauer. “Working together as a dedicated team, PRIMED and MSS are making a positive difference and promoting a future that respects and uplifts Indigenous voices and aspirations.”

With his expertise and passion, Daniel plays a vital role in driving positive change, promoting inclusivity, and ensuring that PRIMED embraces its responsibility towards Indigenous reconciliation. His efforts contribute to building bridges, fostering understanding, and creating a more equitable and culturally sensitive corporate environment.

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